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M.I.S.S. Paper Dolls: Week 7

This week our contributors seem to be giving us a tour of the senses – what they’re seeing, hearing, and feeling. Isn’t that touching? Smell ya later.

Inspiration: Crazy for Balmain! Studded rock and roll chic pieces to mix and match.

Getting ready for a good time!
Isis Nicole

Done by Dee!
I’ve watched the movie Black Dahlia about three times this week, not because of the film itself, but more so because of the fashion. What an amazing time to wear clothing, old hollywood glamour is amazing!

I was listening to Rye Rye and inspired by her neon and tribal inflected style, so gathered together a few items that reminded me of her playful look!


I would only need one glove though;)
by magdalene

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