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M.I.S.S. In The Mix: Producer T. Dragonette

Sense L. Testimony Mixtape

Sense L. Testimony Mixtape

We’re not really sure if the name T. Dragonette is said producer’s pseudonym, but damn, if that is his government name, it’s like he was BORN to be a monster in the studio! Hailing from Upstate, NY, Mr. Dragonette has a lot of different beats on display on his MySpace page that are noteworthy. The beatmaker plays the guitar, horns, and drums, and based on the majority of his wares, he also likes to heavily sample old soul records for his signature sound.

Although he seems to be promoting tracks “Wun Tu Thr3” featuring rapper Torae and “Here’s Why” featuring rapper Sense L., these picks are my least favorite tracks featured. Torae talks all throughout the first 35 seconds on the first song, while Sense L. sounds like just another member of Dip Set. Standout tracks from the beatsmith include “NoBull,” which sounds much like a couple of the cuts on the album 1st Infantry from producer Alchemist. “Don’t Get Left Behind” also has a mellow feel, and is somewhat reminiscent of Ghostface Killah’s “All That I Got Is You” on the Ironman album. There are some looped soul vocals throughout many of the similar to what we see with artists like Kanye West, and there are some vintage brass licks that could easily be mistaken for Mark Ronson cuts. Final word? T. Dragonette has a good shot at success, of course, he will have to change his listed website address from www.ineedawebsitebad.com as soon as someone in the industry catches on.

You can dowloand the Sense L. “Testimony” mixtape, in which T. Dragonette produced 3 tracks here.

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