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Letter From The Editor: 07.14.09


Hello M.I.S.S. Crew!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the new layout of the site. M.I.S.S. is constantly a work in progress and we have some new developments that I’m excited to share with you!

Today, we’re launching M.I.S.S. TV – weekly video episodes featuring everything from behind-the-scenes videos of photo shoots, product reviews, short interviews and “Top 5’s” with some of M.I.S.S.’s illustrious friends and family. We hope you enjoy M.I.S.S. TV as much as we enjoy creating it. We hope to keep you up to date and entertained in new ways and we will continue to grow and evolve with you.

We also have some new columns that we’ve added to our roster. We’ve got “Eyes to the Sky” covering future trends about 6 months out, “Ears to the Street” for current trends, and a weekly column on vintage clothing for all of you “Second Hand Roses.” We’ve also brought on a new art writer who will be helping M.I.S.S. Lexx revive her Art Herstory posts. And finally, you may have noticed a lull in some of our music posts – we’re not stopping, just re-grouping and we’ll be back with weekly playlists, new columns and exclusive M.I.S.S. mixes.

We also found out some pretty interesting news – about 45% of our readers are boys! We see you! We’re not going to start covering men’s fashion (just yet), but we will continue to keep you informed on the best in film, music, art and design. Thanks for making M.I.S.S. a place where men and women can come together.

We’re also branching out so that you can find us more places… Juxtapoz Magazine has included M.I.S.S. on their guest blogs so be sure to show Juxtapoz some love!

Finally, I end with some sad news. Last night, NY-based artist Dash Snow passed away. Our thoughts are with his friends and family. Summer 2009 is turning out to be a very morbid one. Let it be a lesson to you, and enjoy every moment you have and live each day as if it’s your last. No regrets!

Keep your eyes to the sky, and your ears to the street,
xo GDK

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