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It’s Diva, Diva, Y’all! Spectrum by Amanda Diva

Amanda Diva Spectrum Bag

Spectrum by Amanda Diva available at Karmaloop

As if we didn’t already love Amanda Diva enough! This beautiful and hilarious jawn, who is a singer and Karmaloop TV host, can now add “designer” to her resumé. The diva just released a line of totes through her new line Spectrum by Amanda Diva, and they are must-have bags. There are four styles available, including The Royal Fro Bag, The Boom Bap Bag, The Beat Locks Bag, The Citrus Fro Bag, and the Mandingo Mask Bag (my favorite). They are available at Karmaloop.com, so follow the link and scoop one up now! I can support Miss Diva, ‘cause she makes me laugh.

Want to get a laugh too? Check out episode 16 of her Karmaloop TV show to see how she met Mos Def and for a clip of Questo chastising the Mighty Mos for letting 11 years go by without making an album with Talib Kweli. I concur, ?uestlove, it’s been TOO long. You can also check out Mos Def in concert at Governor’s Island in September and get a VIP ticket for a chance to be “On a Boat” with Mos!

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2 Responses to “It’s Diva, Diva, Y’all! Spectrum by Amanda Diva”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    I love Amanda Diva, she is the epitome of a classy broad doing it big in the biz!

  2. Barbara says:

    Its always “in the bag!” The most important items are hip bags, shoes, and coats. See if you can spot these artsy bags around the city,and if you do, post a comment!


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