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INSA x NIKE Update



Not too long ago, M.I.S.S. brought you the scoop on INSA’s first London show of ’09, aptly titled Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.  Even though I’m guilty as charged when it comes to looking for love in all the wrong places, this time being wrong actually ended up paying off, because the show was fantastic!  The artist teamed up with Nike to bring gallery-goers a massive multimedia exhibit of canvases, large scale installations, and murals. Nike-inspired imagery was the theme of the night, including a giant pair of AirMax 1 Heels that flanked the entrance way.  Featuring a bevy of bright colors and optical illusion style designs (who wouldn’t want to be stuck in that “Insa Vortex”!), the standout of the show was definitely the centerpiece, a 6′ x 6′ inverted chrome heart.

Limited edition screenprints from the show’s pieces are available for purchase–for more info make sure to check out Insa’s blog for the details, and enjoy a couple snapshots from the show below!

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