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Fawning Over Ms. Gehweiler

Fawn G

Fawning Over Ms. Gehweiler

Fawn Gehweiler’s characters are extremely recognizable. You have probably seen her sweet little dames from the logo for vintage store Screaming Mimi’s, or from the website from our very own Treasure Hunter, Liz Baca. Fawn has been busy with numerous concurrent projects, including illustrations, paintings, and a collection of vinyl toys. Check out the following events coming up in the life of Fawn:

1. Compound Gallery

On July 2nd at 7:00 PM, Fawn will be featured as a guest artist at the Compound Gallery located in Portland, Oregon. She will unveil paintings that will serve as a preview for a new series, which she describes as “a tribute to Regency ragamuffins, dollies, and dandies with a little bit of Buster Keaton thrown in for good measure.” She also slips in that the pieces will be very affordable, with “depression era pricing.”

Fawn Toy

“Sundae Girls” for the Necessaries Toy Foundation: “I Want Candy.”

2. “Sundae Girls” for the Necessaries Toy Foundation

Move over, Kid Robot! Fawn gives M.I.S.S. a sneak peak of the first of three dolls in the upcoming series “Sundae Girls”. Her first doll, manufactured by the Necessaries Toy Foundation and currently in production, is named “I Want Candy.” Yum.

3. Showing at Retrospect Galleries during the “Splendour in the Grass” Music Fest

Fawn G.’s (that sounds like a rapper) work will also be included in a group show at Retrospect Galleries in Byron Bay, Australia during the music festival known as “Splendour in the Grass”. The so-called “Revolution of Art” set of works will be on display Friday, July 24th. All of our Australian readers should check out Fawn’s installation and then mosey to the “Grass” festival to get a glimpse of Bloc Party, the Flaming Lips, Jane’s Addiction’s, Low Budget, etc.

4. Fawn Blogs, too!

Click on Fawn’s new attempt at blogetry, or peep a little more of her work at her annex and at HMS Carousel.

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One Response to “Fawning Over Ms. Gehweiler”

  1. Neeksie says:

    Nice! I like the face portraits better than the full body and doll- they sort of take some element of simplicity and beauty away.


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