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Ears To The Street: The Great Recessionista. Saving Money is Always En Vogue.

Ears To The Streets: The Great Recessionista. Saving Money is Always En Vogue.

Ears To The Streets: The Great Recessionista. Saving Money is Always En Vogue.

Reduce, reuse, recycle, reinvent, redesign, redirect. Times are tough, duh. Everyone is feeling the pinch. For you fashion thirsty mavens the question comes to mind…how can I keep up with the fashion times without falling behind? Time to get creative ladies. True “Depression Chic” (and to clarify we’re in a Recession not a Depression) is not dressing the part circa the 1920’s/30’s, but it’s putting on your thinking cap and getting style wise.

Shop Smart. Who pays full price anymore? Keep posted on sales, retailers are hungry for your money. But let’s take the challenge even further. Go green and buy gently worn garments or trade-in items you’re no longer wearing for something new…or even better: cash money. Buy/Sell/Trade retail establishments are great ways to trade-in and trade-up your unwanted garments. Stores like The Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co., The Wasteland, or Beacons Closet will pay you a percentage of their retail price in cash or trade for items they take from you. Of course there’s always thrift stores but be ready for the hunt. Patience is key. Buy/Sell/Trades offer a hand-selected collection of current and vintage fashions….save time and money.

Consign The Times. Maybe you’ve got some higher end items that you’ve invested in. Consignment shops are a great way to get good money for your great items and/or pick-up amazing pieces well below retail prices. Consignment shops take your items into their store, set a price and pay you a percentage of the selling price once the item sells. Get high fashion for hot so high prices: Do you have a problem wearing last seasons Louboutins? I didn’t think so. Treasures await you at consignments shops. INA and Tokio7 are two NYC favorites and visit the new Flight Club clothing consignment store in NY.

Swap It Up. Clothing swaps are GREAT! From professional swaps like Clothing Swap (they’re kicking off their Swap America Tour in San Francisco July 22nd) to getting your girlfriends together for a private party. Clothing swaps are fun and a great way to add new additions to your wardrobe by letting go of some of your old. Like the name suggests you are swapping your clothing with others…no money changes hand but you’ve up-dated your wardrobe. Win-Win!

She’s Crafty. I know you have a sewing/repair pile. And if you do, now is the time to get on it! Discover a brand new wardrobe. Instead of buying something new take the time to sew that button back on or stitch up that seam. Not handy with a needle and thread? Your local dry cleaner usually does tailoring and alterations. A repair or altering a garment to something new (chop those sleeves, bring up that hem) could be more cost efective then buying something new.

In these times of economic stress dig deep and challenge your creative energies into making what you have work for you. Rediscover or redesign older pieces, if you’re not wearing it or can’t remember the last time you did then pass that item on for something new or for cash money in your pocket. Save money, get money, save the planet, get the look…give a new meaning to the phrase “Smarty Pants”, we dare you.

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