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Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter ’09-’10: Footwear Euphoria

Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter '09-'10... that red sole is so alluring

Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter '09-'10... that red sole is so alluring

Browsing Christian Louboutin’s Web site is like dying and going to shoe heaven. OK, not really, but it’s the closest you’ll be able to get to heaven through the Internet. For the upcoming season (F/W ’09-’10), Mr. Louboutin brings the heat with a to-die-for collection that’s so massive we won’t be able to recount every shoe here (although we really wish we could, but we trust you’ll give the site a peek anyways.)

We’d love to know what kind of creative juices are flowing through the veins of Mr. Louboutin because each piece is amazing and unique in its own way. For the upcoming colder months, Christian Louboutin presents a collection based on classical influences: think Victorian pieces with a modern twist. You’ll see a lot of lace, leather, and suede, all with modern influences and a fabulous Louboutin twist. In addition to these timeless fabrics, modern and trendy details also make appearances in the collection – think studs and zippers, which are both hot, hot, hot right now!

We’re drooling over every one of the Louboutin ankle boots. One of our personal faves is the “Nitoinimoi” ankle boot, shown in black here, featuring suede and leather with a multi-strap detail. Speaking of Victorian influences, the “Fifre” boot features a toggle-like closure. The Louboutin Web site even features a section entitled “Total Madness,” where you can browse three ultra-fabulous pairs of bedazzled sky-high heels. For those M.I.S.S. readers out there who heart their stilettos, Mr. Louboutin has dedicated a special section of his site to you, under the heading “Extremely High.” (Beware, though… The heels are in fact ridiculously tall, but nonetheless fantastic!) Overall, you’ll find plenty of lace, both in ankle boots and stilettos, as well as wedges and heels in both suede and leather. There’s even a section dedicated to python print, titled “Skins.” And finally a patent leather pink stiletto, very Barbie meets Rodeo Drive meets Paris Fashion Week. Who but Louboutin?

Louboutin Nitoinimoi bootie (far left) and Circus bootie (center)

Louboutin Nitoinimoi bootie (far left) and Circus bootie (center)

We don’t doubt that starlets will be scooping all of Louboutin’s latest collection up by the bag full – we only wish we could do the same! Unfortunately the online shop is under construction, but you can use the Louboutin Web site to link to a Louboutin E-commerce retailer or to locate a Louboutin boutique near you. Go ahead, and begin your quest to shoe nirvana!

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  1. Betsey J says:

    those booties are all so amazing!!

  2. porreca says:

    hahah – i love this.


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