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Charlotte Russe Fall ’09 Lookbook

Quirky Looks

Quirky Looks

Yesterday I promised you guys a closer look at the Charlotte Russe Fall ’09 lookbook and here it is! The lookbook is broken up into 9 different sets of looks, representing different trends. Shoppers can use these trends – Quirky, Totem, Freedom, The Professional, Oh So Chic, Ex-Boyfriend, Heirloom, Buckingham, Proper English and Desire –  to either put together a top to bottom on-trend look, or mix and match between the different collections to create your own unique look.

The Quirky trend up above is defined by eclectic style. The look uses a combination of a classic schoolgirl prep aesthetic, with argyle prints, novelty plaids, and marching band fashion, similar to the in-school uniform styling of the female characters on TV’s Gossip Girl.

The Totem trend continues to show the influence of Native American, and frontier peasant style that has been around for the past few seasons. There are items with indigenous textile and blanket-like patterns, feathers, nature, and fringe details.

Items from the Freedom trend embody a seventies hippie chic, with psychedelic prints, scarves, patches, peace signs, and a bit of that road trip biker style.

Doing a complete about face, The Professional trend uses sexy sophistication to provide a youthful office-to-happy hour style, similar to what we often see Stacy and Clinton pushing on TLC’s What Not To Wear. Alongside the usual office blacks, this collection has pieces with intense color pops, and features faux python detail on some items, to provide a refined contemporary attitude.

The Professional & Oh So Chic Looks

The Professional & Oh So Chic Looks

Similarly, the Oh So Chic trend is a more refined look, but it hops on the subway and heads uptown. More of a nightlife look, we see contemporary rompers, and items with sexy cutouts, as well as pieces featuring ample use of satin. Both the apparel and the acccessories feature chunky stone embellishments, sequins and studs.

Rocking more of a downtown, and 90’s grunge retro look, the Ex-Boyfriend trend is characterized by boyish silhouettes with feminine details like camisoles and slips. There are muted plaid prints and flannels carrying over from last years fall trend, and also continues to propagate the motorcycle jacket trend, as well as tarnished metal adornment, and distressed and destroyed details we’ve been seeing on tights and denim on a lot of runways and from many retailers this year.

A very classic ladylike style emerges next with the Heirloom trend. Certainly inspired by the out of school fashion styling of Blair Waldorf, and the other “Queen Bees” on Gossip Girl, this trend gives a hearty nod to the styles of design houses  like Chanel, popular with Upper East Side society women with couture-inspired jackets, cardigans, and pearls, using fabrics like tweed, boucle, mesh and crochet.

A look across the pond to the UK’s Brit Punk scene has inspired the Buckingham trend, continuing the use of brighter, more contemporary tartans and plaids, alongside black leather and lace, and military details.

Continuing the Anglo influence, the Proper English trend uses saddle leathers to create a more English equestrian look featuring houndstooth, blackwatch plaids, buckles, and riding boot inspired footwear.

Proper English Looks

Proper English Looks

And finally, the Desire trend takes you back to the budoir with a look inspired by baroque romance, utilizing lace, fur, jet beads, feather and ribbon details alongside goddess draping, and a great interest in showing off the back.

Some of these styles, starting with the Quirky collection, have started dropping in Charlotte Russe stores, and online already, and will continue to arrive through September. Shopping online within a collection is super easy – after you choose the category you would like to shop in, simply choose the trend name to single out the items from that collection. Remember, Quirky is available right now! Most importantly, for you ladies shopping on a dime, prices are incredibly affordable. In all of the looks below, prices for individual pieces range from $4.99 for fingerless lace gloves, and go up to $49.99 for boots.

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  1. Gee Gee says:

    Not mad at the “Quirky” and “Ex-Boyfriend” looks…

  2. yasmina says:

    Their look book is a THOUSAND times better than F21’s… They need to take notes!


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