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Celluloid Dreams of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Celluloid Dreams of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Celluloid Dreams of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Art rock gods Yeah Yeah Yeahs are no strangers to cinematic experimentation, having worked with everyone from Spike Jonze to Patrick Daughters on their videography of stylized music videos. The New York band’s most recent work, the super experimental short film entitled Snakesweat is the latest in their foray into the visual realm, guarantees that “Heads Will Roll” (We know, so cheesy but how could we resist?!).

Playing characters entitled “The Scientist”, “The Philosopher” and “The Black Widow”, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the featured actors in what is described as a “mescaline-infused short” where “only the ecstasy of music can reverse the irreversible”. Directed by Barney Clay, the short was shot entirely in black and white and is chopped and manipulated to resemble the experimental work of famous directors such as Fellini and David Lynch, among others.  Donning bandages, black hooded robes, and rocking some serious facepaint, fashionista Karen O is no stranger to the fantasy-goth inspired wardrobe choices. Heavy stuff,  kids!  Take a peak at the video below, and let us know if you figure out the meaning of this amazingly fantasmagorical thing!

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  1. Stella says:

    Love them. Thanks for the reminder about these vids!


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