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Baptiste Viry Fall ’09

Baptiste Viry Fall 09

Baptiste Viry Fall 09

French designer Baptiste Viry has released the look book for this Fall 09 collection and we love it!

Known for his design prowess, waistcoats and accessories, the new collection is nothing short of spectacular. 
The women’s waistcoats differ from your normal waistcoat, with each structured with a strong geometric influence, combining the colours navy and tan with plaid accents on most of the pieces. The detailing on each piece is vastly different including gold buttons, buckles, fasteners and pockets.

Gold and leather make up the Fall 09 accessories collection, with buckles again taking centre stage in most pieces. A charming leather strap necklace adorned with a bow tie fastened to the middle of the piece was the first thing I noticed – I predict it may be one of the best sellers of the collection.  Necklaces, cuffs and bracelets reminiscent of leather belts are my favourites of the collection, with a necklace made of a gold chain and leather strap combo quickly winning first place in my heart.

Keep your eye on the Baptiste Viry website for more information on when this collection hits the stores.

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