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The Fabu-lous Karl Lagerfield

The Fabu-lous Karl Lagerfield

Karl Lagerfield to voice villain in the French animated film, Totally Spies

As fabu-lous as Karl Lagerfield is, some find his look rather menacing. Well, now he can TRULY be deemed a villain, as it was recently announced that the creative director of Chanel will be the voice of villain Fabu (fabu-lous!) in the French animated film Totally Spies.

The film is based on a TV series about three high school girls who become secret agents. We are hoping here at M.I.S.S. that they are dressed more like runway models and less like Powderpuff Girls. We didn’t see full images of the villian Fabu, but all we can picture is the villain from Inspector Gadget with the bionic glove/arm. That would be totally appropriate for Mr. Lagerfield! To top it all off, he should have a villainous sidekick voiced by Lindsay Lohan. Now THAT would be Fabu.

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2 Responses to “The Fabu-lous Karl Lagerfield”

  1. this show used to come on cartoon network, it’s like sailor moon meets charlie’s angels. lagerfield will fit in just fine!

  2. AfroDandy says:

    It’s hilarious, it’s a french cartoon set in California, they go to Beverly Hills high. The first episode is on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlWEtocESts.


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