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Sandrina Fasoli Fall/Winter ’09-’10: Sophisticated Sexiness


If the Sandrina Fasoli Fall/Winter ’09-’10 look book was the only one you thumbed through this season, you’d have no idea that shredded leggings and destroyed jeans were hot items on the runways and on the streets. The Sandrina Fasoli’s structured pieces and neutral tones are reminiscent of simpler times; they’re pieces that work for today’s modern woman yet would have looked wonderful on your mother or grandmother in her youth.

Call it understated sexiness, the less-is-more approach. According to the Sandrina Fasoli Web site, designers Sandrina Fasoli and Michael Marson’s take on fashion is that of “veiled feminity and melancholic innocence.” These elements are easily seen in the F/W0910 look book, of which almost all of the shots are shrouded in darkness and shadows. Even the model, who sports a Twiggy-esque look, seems girlish and youthful. It’s against these componenets that the duo’s designs stand out. Button-down overcoats and puffy-sleeved sweaters have never seemed so gothic and intriguing.

Sandrina Fasoli

Sandrina Fasoli garments are timeless.

Even with the absence of any bright colors – i.e., orange and yellow for autumn, and reds for winter – the pieces still easily evoke images classically associated with winter and the holiday season. (Admit it: it’s easy to picture yourself in one of the oh-so-soft-looking sweaters sipping wine by the fireplace.) Sheer collared blouses are simple, evoking a muted sexiness, whether it’s worn under a blazer to a staff meeting or out on a Friday night with your favorite high-waisted trousers. The structured, button-down coats could easily be recycled vintage pieces, and perhaps that’s the appeal. Like a classic Louis Vuitton monogram bag, Sandrina Fasoli garments are timeless: potential hand-me-downs to future daughters and relatives.

As first prize recipients of the 2007 Mango Fashion Award (and other awards to boot), Sandrina Fasoli and Michael Marson prove their unique take on fashion will secure the label’s place in the industry for years to come. They’ve already designed their own capsule collection for Mango – and how many budding designers can boast that?

To view the brand’s Spring 2009 collection and other past collections, check out the Sandrina Fasoli Web site.

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