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Roxy Gets You Jumpin: House of Cardio Mixtape

A mix that will definitely make you want to get your work out on!

This joint will definitely get your heart rate up and your body movin'!

It-Girl-Extraordinaire Roxy Cottontail (and one of M.I.S.S’s Women Making History) is back on the grind, and we’re thankful she is. After just wrapping up the Temple of Boom Tour, Roxy is re-launching her online stream Roxy Radio and dropping a new mixtape, The House of Cardio! Teaming up with DJ Van Scott to produce a sonic mashup of your favorite jams, old and new, this joint will definitely get your heart rate up and your body movin’!

The House of Cardio track listing features remixes from your favorite new artists such as Solange, and club classics like Basement Jaxx’s “Where’s Your Head At?”  Be sure to keep an ear open for Roxy’s latest single, debuting on the mixtape.  Roxy’s created the perfect mix get you motivated to get your fitness on just in time for the summer! So make like a good little bunny and hop your way on over to download The House of Cardio and start dancing your buns into bikini shape!

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