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Raya Jewelry: Welcoming Color Back Into Your Jewelry Box

Raya Jewelry

Raya Jewelry

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but isn’t that a bit unfair to all of the precious gems out there? If you share this sentiment, M.I.S.S. is here to save the day. Raya jewelry, named for its Thailand-born founder and designer, has recently launched its first collection, consisting of white sapphires, south sea pearls, and precious gems.

Raya Jewelry

Raya Jewelry

Prior to the design and creation of her own jewelry line, Raya was no stranger to working in accessories. In Thailand, her family owned the Viva Gems company. Raya herself then studied jewelry design at GIA in Bangkok and the College of Communication in London. When creating her pieces, Raya drew on her travels and multi-cultural experiences as inspiration. At the risk of looking tacky with such large gems and over-the-top styles, Raya manages to keep each piece classy, never gaudy – a line that can be tricky to toe without crossing.

From the looks of the gold-encrusted collection, it’s clear that Raya is determined to make a name for herself. From the unabashedly blinged-out cocktail rings to drop-pendant necklaces and earrings, each piece is as invigorating as it is one-of-a-kind. For too long the public have been enthralled with homogeneous silver pieces – bracelets and necklaces that all look exactly the same. Let Raya allow you to break the mold and reintroduce color back into your jewelry collection. Take note, though, that Raya Jewelry aren’t costume pieces. They’re investments, created to last lifetimes for your future generations to inherit.

It’s impossible to select one standout piece from Raya’s collection. Each intricately crafted accessory is fabulous in its own way – think of it as traditional jewelry with a worldly twist and injection of color. Raya’s double-stranded necklaces are a welcomed departure from traditional neckwear, but one that’s not too far removed to be dubbed trendy costume jewelry. Colorful drop-pendant necklaces utilize precious gems, drawing any onlooker’s attention to your collarbone (oo la la!). Raya’s bracelets are a sight for sore eyes, whether it’s a honeycomb diamond-plaited bangle (available in a variety of colors) or a cutout cuff. When it comes to earrings, Raya adds her personal flare to the accessory. You’ll be able to find heart-shaped pendant earrings lined in pink gemstones, or hoop earrings complete with diamond-surrounded drop-downs.

Raya Jewelry

Raya Jewelry

Each Raya piece commands adoration and attention, so if you’re shy just beware that donning any accessory from Raya’s collection is a surefire way to signal to onlookers that you’re outgoing (or trying to be)! With the amount of pieces Raya’s churned out for her first collection, there’s no doubt this woman’s a hard worker who’s sure to be around for years to come.

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  1. Dee Dee says:

    thanks for giving me another reason to spend money! lol

  2. The designs are absolutely mind blowing. The designs are truly beautiful.


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