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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Get Organized With Dotz


Dotz: sweet, candy-colored cable organizers

Now, I know I’m not the only person who’s reached for an electrical cord thinking it was for something innocuous like a desk lamp, only to yank it out and find that I’ve just unplugged the computer and lost several precious documents.  That’s what happens when you’ve got a whole mess of cables tangled up on the floor.  Luckily there’s Dotz: sweet, candy-colored cable organizers that will help you make sense of the cable jungle you’ve created and leave you with a good looking floor.

Dotz come in two varieties: straps and Dotz Identifiers.  The straps are color-coded cable ties that you can use (and re-use)  to wrangle up a group of cords.  They even come with push-out paper inserts that you can use to further identify and organize the clutter you’ve created.  Meanwhile, the Dotz Identifiers clip to a single power plug or USB cord so you can identify individual devices.  No more accidentally unplugging things and losing important data.  Now you’ll have to go back to saying the dog ate it.

Both packs go for $10 a piece.  The straps come in packs of eight while the Dotz Identifiers come in packs of 10.

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