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M.I.S.S. Paper Dolls: Week 4

Another week’s gone by and we’re checking in to see what’s inspiring our contributors.

pops of color with anna sui’s attention to detail and clean lines… perfect for those summer days enjoying the sun and even the city.

kick push
made by brigitte

Essential accessories if you were to be about town on your bike all day. My choices come from my attraction to hardware, bold graphics, and color. I like that these items have complex design features and provide function as well.

Hella Bootsy

I love black and gold, dressing casual up, and hella accessories- rockin’ it all with a bad ass attitude!
Aleta Lee

sun tan proof garb to give you lines in all the right places, yet flashy and fashionable enough to get ya noticed by the stars on the stage or in case you wanna get caught in the crowd waves. Perfect for outdoor cultural festivals or concerts like Rock the Bells.
– leilanie

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