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Live Green: Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree

Live Green: Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree

Live Green: Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree

Sure, you look great in your fit, but can you say that you feel good about wearing it?

As more and more companies begin to green their ways on the production line, some are starting to use their sales power to really make a difference. Vintage Blue, a vintage-inspired women’s line already down with eco-friendly practices, has teamed up with green fashion magazine, Boho, to offer the “Live Green” t-shirt. The simple green tree silhouette is one that many brands convey, and even the message is one that we’re all familiar with, but this shirt is different from all the rest. Yes, the heart design sets the shirt apart from them all, but the real difference is that this shirt makes a difference because by simply buying one you can help stop global warming. $1 from each sale will be donated to the Arbor Day Foundation’s Plant a Tree Program, making this a tee that keeps on giving. With so many environmental issues plaguing the earth, conscious fashion can be the catalyst for change.

Ready to really live green? Get your shirt here.

And when someone tells you that they like your top, you will have so much more to say.

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