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Joy to the World

Joy Jones

Giant Step artist Joy Jones is set to drop her album, Godchild, on July 7th, 2009

Upon first listen of Giant Step artist Joy Jones, I realized that this lady is a “Sanger” without all the extraneous bells and whistles. This is no Mariah Carey with all the hand flailing and dramatics. There is a simplicity to her voice without all the vibrato, autotunin’, and “extra extra” that is characteristic of lots of the performers out right now. But this is not to suggest that her voice is bad or boring. Joy Jones, who releases her new album Godchild on July 7th, 2009, is a sonic breath of fresh air.

Joy grew up in the U.S., but moved to London for a while before she eventually settled in L.A. It was in London where she found out about the “broken beat” scene, characterized as electronic music with an syncopated rhythm in 4/4 meter. She met producers Bugz In The Attic, who are a collective of 6 or more DJs specializing in the broken beat of the West London area. She got so close with the producers, that she now calls herself an “honorary ladybug” and even asked Daz-I-Kue to produce most of her upcoming Godchild.

Joy Jones

Joy to the world! Joy Jones is a sonic breath of fresh air!

I was able to preview the song “Supernova” (Click to stream) and “Be My Husband” (Click to download) to get a feel for Joy’s sound. FYI, Although Nina Simone also has a track called “Be My Husband”, Joy’s song is NOT the same or a cover of Nina’s version. Out of the two tracks, “Supernova” had a better groove, but both were definitely pleasing. The disc has a bit of jazz, afro-beat, soul, and broken beat, all rolled into one. Joy says: “It is my goal to create impactful music that outlives me”, and we think she is definitely on the right track.

Please visit this Trinidadian beauty at her blog, Past Present Future Perfect, or at her main site, Love Jones Recording.

You can also check out a cool video of “The Joy” on Future Soul Records below:

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