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Gen Art: Shop NYC

Dresses by Nature Vs. Future

Dresses by Nature Vs. Future

So I’ve been hearing about this designer shopping event called Shop NYC for the past couple of years, and really wanted to check it out. Thanks to Bijules, I got a comp ticket to enter and see what it was going on. And this is when I admit my mistakes and tell you that I messed up. I should have told you guys about this earlier.

Gen Art is an arts and entertainment organization with offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago, that is dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists. They produce over 100 events a year, and Shop NYC is just one of them. Utilizing designers featured in Gen Art runway shows, as well as some of New York’s top emerging fashion and accesory lines, Shop NYC allows fashionistas to purchase current run pieces, samples, one-offs, and pre-release products directly from designers at discounts of up to 70% off. In addition they also had a beauty area with free makeup applications, hair touch ups, and brow shaping.

I saw a lot of clothes and jewelry from brands that we at M.I.S.S. will likely be reporting on individually in the near future, but you can get a taste in the photo gallery. My personal favorites were the dresses by Sonia Rykiel that were stashed in the mashup designer dress section. So cute! And cute’s not even my thing! I also loved the cotton and jersey pieces by Mary Meyer. I was smart to not bring a wad of cash, cuz I would have dropped it on her Spine Leggings in an instant. I don’t condone stealing…but I can’t lie! I thought it for a split second!  I also, for the first time every in my many year’d life got my face totally done up by the makeup people at Dex New York. I’m a mascara, lip gloss, and that’s it kind of girl, and just have to say it felt totally weird to get the sponge with wet foundation all over my face. But when my makeup artist was all done, the combination of their mineral based products looked really good, lessening my under eye circles, and highlighting my cheekbones in a pretty natural way.

In all, I think the cost of a $15 ticket to the event was probably worth it when you combine the steals and deals to be had, the beer and wine bar, and use of the beauty section.  So next time New Yorkers, I promise I’ll tell you ahead of time when this event is going down (psssst…. it’s in November, date TBA) and for the ladies in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco – keep your eyes peeled for SHOP events in your cities. The next one will be in Miami on June 18th. Everyone everywhere else, check out the Gen Art boutique of for some exquisite fashion choices.

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