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Flud Watches Spring/Summer 2009 Catalog

Flud Watches Spring/Summer 2009

Flud Watches Spring/Summer 2009

The good folks over at Flud have just dropped their Spring/Summer 2009 collection and campaign, and needless to say each piece from the assortment is arm candy you’ll be coveting, whether it’s for yourself or if you need to gift a friend with something funky and fabulous. Additionally, this season Flud steps up its look book game by enlisting the assistance of various artists and athletes to model the latest additions to the Flud family. Peep the look book where you’ll find Amanda Diva, Rocksmith Partner Erik Marion, director Rik Cordero, pro skater Rob Campbell, emcee Corey Gunz, DJ Neil Armstrong, Cee, photographer Joe Conzo, and DJ Grand Wizard Theodore all showing off Flud’s watches.

Now onto the goods! If you had to sum up Flud’s S/S09 collection in one word, variety is probably the most appropriate. There’s (literally) a piece for every type of personality, and for under $100 apiece you might as well scoop up a few to match your different get-ups. (Remember, you need accessories for both formal and informal outfits, etc., etc.) Flud keeps it hot this spring with a twist on traditional watches – it’s a 21st-century take on a timeless accessory. To give you just a taste of what Flud’s offering this season, there’s the “Tableturns” watch, with a face that’s depicts a classic turntable. (Genius!) Staying with the music theme, there’s also the “Boombox” watch, resembling – you guessed it – a boombox! For those of us who can’t decide which watch face we like more (dialog or analog), Flud solves this dilemma with the “Dialog.” Available in four hues, the “Dialog” features both a digital and analog reading. Other notable pieces from this collection include the graffiti-themed “Jaes” watch, styled after a graffiti wall clock and featuring markers as hands as well as a croco-leather strap. The highly anticipated “Deck” features a Griptape detail; it’s a clean and sleek accessory that’ll go perfectly with any outfit you’re wearing, whether you’re heading to the office or to happy hour.

By now we’re sure that you’re sick of reading about Flud’s watches – we know you wanna actually see what all the fuss is about – so peep the entire Flud look book and make sure you stay up-to-date with the Flud blog! All the Flud styles will be available at Karmaloop.

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