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FemaleSneakerFiend Pillows

FSF x JenOne Pillow

FSF x JenOne Pillow

Forget the common male fantasy about women engaging in sweaty pillow fights! Lori Lobenstine’s FemaleSneakerFiend is now home to JenOne, of VanillaMedallions’, sick sneaker-shaped pillows. And, they are not to be tossed across the room!

Sneakers are not only there to protect our feet from the sticks and stones, but could be—and in this case they are—works of art! In 2005, Lobenstine created a website centered on women worldwide who take pride in their kicks; it’s a forum to meet, show off styles, and basically take part in the ever-growing sneaker culture. It soon grew to be a movement of thousands of women who aren’t letting the myth of “high-heels for mature women” deter them from the comfort and flair that exudes a pair of clean, funky, original (no fakes) sneakers.

FSF x JenOne Pillow

FSF x JenOne Pillow

Multi-talented graphic artist and sneaker-head herself, JenOne fits in well with this crowd. These pillows are larger sized versions of sneakers we would love to see on our feet; some are even adorned with laces. Decorate your room with these sneaker pillows, or take them out and hold them high as you would a medallion; just don’t let anyone step on them!

The FemaleSneakerFiend pillow will soon be available, be on the look out!
For more of JenOne’s art work visit:

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