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Ears to the Street: S.uper S.exy S.urfer S.tyle. Bring the Surf to your Turf.

S.uper S.exy S.urfer S.tyle

S.uper S.exy S.urfer S.tyle

When I was about 8 years-old I wandered into the local skate/surf shop. I instantly spied Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax and curious as I was I asked what it was for. The shop worker smiled and replied “It’s for your stick”. O.M.G. you can only imagine the confusion in my little mind.

So, I never took up surfing but since the day’s of Jimmy’Z denim and neoprene fashions, we’ve always had a hankering for the fashions of wave riders. The body con silhouettes, bold color-blocking, heavy duty hard-ware and stitch details of a surfers uniform lend perfect details for everyday wear. This Summer be bold with pieces taking influence from those that hang-10 and you’ll be hanging tough clad in a neoprene dream. Whether you get inspired by actual surfer’s garb…why not rock a rash guard with a mini and heels?  Or go the design inspired route with ankle booties from Pierre Hardy, you’ll be happy to try something new. If your coordination is best left to surfing the “www” and not the open seas, you’re in luck this season because you can dress the part of a Big Kahuna without the fear of a wipe out.

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3 Responses to “Ears to the Street: S.uper S.exy S.urfer S.tyle. Bring the Surf to your Turf.”

  1. Magdalene Ayuk Magdalene says:

    Yeah, I pretty much can’t surf, more like never tried;) but these creations are so out of the ordinary! I could see myself rocking the purse.

  2. cynthia di angelo says:

    i was just WAITING for aquasocks to make a comeback. Such a better alternative to crocs.

  3. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    OMG! Aquasocks! Haha.

    I grew up near some beaches (Pismo Beach) and always admired the surf-boy fashions but could never get on a board myself…don’t know how to swim! :( This is so summer appropriate, tho! That DKNY dress is my favorite!


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