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Chillin’ Illin’ & Grillin’

Chillin' Illin' & Grillin'

Chillin' Illin' & Grillin'

It doesn’t really matter where you set up your grill – a backyard, rooftop, or park, as long as you have your friends and some music to carry you through the night. You already know we like to get our grill on, and thanks to Montreal based DJ crew, The Moustache Men (Classi Assi, F.U.N.K, and New Money) and DJ’s Tanner and Arem from Vancouver’s The Faction Crew delivering “80 minutes of mellow hip hop, funk, soul and more,” we’ve got a soundtrack.

They knew they could pull something off together after meeting while on tour in Canada. The diverse playlist came to fruition through a series of emails, as the distance between the DJ’s in Montreal and Vancouver is equivalent to the distance between NYC and LA.  Put some like minded people in front of a computer and the results can be epic. Frank 151, Circa, and Shine Nightclub agreed, so they sponsored the mixtape.

Upcoming dates for the artists promoting the mixtape include, Thursday, June 4th at the Blue Dog in Montreal, where you can catch Classi Assi and F.U.N.K with a small launch at thier weekly. June 12th at Shine Nightclub in Vancouver they get busy with DJ’s Arems, Tanner, and F.U.N.K on the decks.

Download Chillin’ Illin’ & Grillin’ mixtape

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