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Check In At MotelRocks.com

If you’re born and bred in America, you probably know that European style is embraced in almost every form… from BMW cars, Ikea furniture, and H&M clothes. So, it would be ironic if you’re residing in America and find yourself coveting clothes from the UK-based brand Motel, which was born from an inspiring trip to the west coast thrift shops of the U.S.  Motel is a label that churns out  killer clothes sold at moderate prices. Their mission is to re-create that feeling of rummaging through racks of second hand clothes and scoring a sweet vintage piece that fits just right, except you won’t have to rummage and worry about second hand funk because everything is cute and new!

Selina and Pammy dresses

Selina and Pammy dresses

Motel’s most notable pieces are their dresses: cinched at the waist, with a skirt that flares out or fits to your thighs and hips, and comes in a variety of fun prints that Kelly Kapowski would find worthy for strutting the halls of Bayside High. Even Lily Allen is a fan of the simple yet spunky Zoe dress by Motel. The spunk isn’t limited to the dresses of course. Motel has tons of tops and bottoms that have a vintage look. Go to MotelRocks.com to check out the clothes or if you live in or around Bristol, UK swing by the shop at 24 Park Street.

Rope tee, Oversized tee, Nautical tee

Rope tee, Oversized tee, Nautical tee

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2 Responses to “Check In At MotelRocks.com”

  1. candywarhol says:

    Looooove Motel. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one thing on there that I didn’t like.

  2. Jennaay says:

    I agree with candywarhol…everything on that site I pretty
    much want in my closet! I’ve been on their website quite a few times
    but have yet to buy anything from them. Need to do that soon!


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