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B-Side “Rights” Preview

B SIDE Preview

B SIDE's new collection entitled "Rights"!

M.I.S.S previously brought you the scoop on B-side, the line of hand-crafted graffiti inspired and geometric jewelery taking the blogosphere and boutiques alike by storm. So imagine how delighted we were when we got the chance to preview their new collection, entitled “Rights”!

B SIDE Preview

The bangles, rings, necklaces, and earrings in the collection all feature the Supreme Court case numbers.

“Rights” is a conceptual collection, aimed at spotlighting the difficulties that marginalized minority groups face. Designers Dana Chin and Ken Leung came up with the brilliant idea to base the pieces around four pivotal Supreme Court cases: Romer v. Evans (protects against discrimination by sexual orientation), Leser v. Garnett (upholds women’s right to vote), Brown v. Board of Education (desegregates schools), and Loving v. Virginia (legalizes interracial marriage). The bangles, rings, necklaces, and earrings all feature the Supreme Court case numbers, which have been either etched or stenciled onto brass and enamel to create a look that stays true to B-side’s funky, street-based aesthetic.

B SIDE Preview

Scarves from India combined with the graphic cubes.

Stand out pieces were the bronzed bangles, which much like their previous work features graffiti designs, but now layered over and beneath the bold case numbers. Similarly, the subtly crafted rings played off of B-Side’s trademark sculptural style, resulting in an innovative overlapping bar ring with the vital case numbers etched into the silver.

B SIDE Preview

The 18" necklace features case numbers etched onto a silver panel.

Another stunner piece was the 18″ necklace, which featured the case numbers etched onto a silver panel, which was then mounted onto a black base. Geometric brass cubes and a small chunk of authentic stones (amethyst and quartz are just some of the raw materials used) also hung off the thin silver chain– this necklace will definitely be a crowd pleasing part of your collection.

B-Side was also generous enough to give us the exlusive preview of some as-of-yet unfinished designs, and they are dope!  The designing duo imported printed scarves from India and combined the silken fabrics with the graphic cube work from their previous lines. The result is a unique piece with a choose-your-own-adventure concept– it can be worn as a scarf, tied as a shorter necklace, or laced up around your wrist as a wrapped bracelet. The options are endless, and appreciated in this recession!

B-Side’s “Rights” collection is socially consciously beyond just the visual aspect– a portion of all proceeds will go the Harlem Childrens’ Zone, which Dana and Ken are also working in conjunction with to assist with arts’ education. Cost worthy, socially reponsible, and most of all perfectly stylish, keep an eye open for B-Side’s latest on their online store. Expect pieces to drop later this month!

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  1. Plus, Ken and Dana are the coolest dudes ever!

  2. JanaNye says:

    Dear M.I.S.S.,

    This Christmas…I’d like the 18”chain w/ the case numbers etched into the silver panel.
    Votes for women please.

    Love always,



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