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AP’s Newest Siren Range: Anastassia

Agent Provocateur Anastassia

Agent Provocateur Anastassia

As if there aren’t enough Siren styles to turn any women into a seductress, Agent Provocateur has added a new look called “Anastassia. ” The “Anastassia” range made from sheer black tulle with satin inlays and comes in three pieces: a high-waisted brief that’s made to accentuate and elongate the waist, a soft cup bra with a cute tuxedo style faux collar along the edges of the cups, and a daring halter body suit that makes the torso look longer and waist and hips look curvier. Check out the new looks on the Agent Provocateur website!

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One Response to “AP’s Newest Siren Range: Anastassia”

  1. Lovin’ it! AP does no wrong : ).

    xoxo, SarahJayne @ Knockout Vintage Clothing


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