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The Cassette Society @ RAFW: I Want It ALL

Cassette Society

Cassette Society

I don’t really wear dresses. I think I need to start.

The Cassette Society is one of those awesome labels that does higher-end fashion while still keeping their feet firmly in the street. Starting out with a small grant from a sportswear company in 2005, designers Katie Biz and Fanny Rickards picked out what was good about 80s fashion and haven’t looked back.

Booty-hugging minis were key at their RAFW show, with a bunch of current trends mixed in for good measure – zips, high waists, one-shoulders, loud prints, denim cut-offs and the never-say-die acid wash. Don’t let this fool you though – CS may be showing what’s hot right now, but they’re doing it their way and sticking to their musical roots.

Keep reading for more from the show!

Images from Vogue Australia

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One Response to “The Cassette Society @ RAFW: I Want It ALL”

  1. Alex says:

    ooh i love zips!


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