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Sunglass Hut Launches Social Sun With Claw Money

Social Sun Sunglass Hut Launch Party

Social Sun Sunglass Hut Launch Party

Wow. So, I just got back from the Social Sun launch party at Sunglass Hut that also served as the premiere of the Claw Money X Sunglass Hut collabo, and it was quite the extravaganza. Packed to the brim with a selection of the city’s hip style and social mavens, DJ’s Max Glaser, Nick Catchdubs, Steven “Espo” Powers, Fancy, and a performance from Sean Paul put the room on throb as we gave Social Sun, Sunglass Hut’s latest innovation a whirl.  Social Sun is an interactive system that takes simply looking at ones reflection in a mirror to the next level, by using a computer “photobooth” that enables customers to  take multiple photographs of themselves  in different glasses, and view them all at the same time to compare.  Customers also have the ability to e-mail these photos back to themselves or friends, post them to facebook, or display them on large in-store flat screens to get instant feedback on the looks they’ve chosen. If you’ve got a webcam built into your laptop or monitor, you know how much fun this can be. You know you love to mug.

200 guests walked away with a pair of the Claw Money X Sunglass Hut shades, and thankfully I was one of them. The glasses simply put, are fantastic. The aviator inspired frames looked great on every single person I saw try them on, whether they were sporting  the teal, hot pink or purple colorway, and they’re constructed quite sturdily. As a chick that usually sports cheap plastic frames, I can honestly say I am really excited to rock these shades this summer. I wish I had all three colors, but really, I shouldn’t complain at all.

Sean Paul also announced that he would be releasing his next album this summer, so keep your eyes and ears open for that. In the meantime, we’ve got his infectious summer jams like Give It Up To Me to hold us over.

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4 Responses to “Sunglass Hut Launches Social Sun With Claw Money”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    The glasses are a good look!

  2. seriously. i. love. them.

  3. Justine says:

    Nice! How much do they retail for?

  4. Unfortunately they are not planned for retail right now, they were only given away to attendees of the Social Sun event. On Blogue Claw seems to be saying that’s just for now, so we’ll keep our eyes open for a retail release and tell you guys if it happens.


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