Retratos de La Familia: The Photography of Amanda Lopez at Pueblo Nuevo

Amanda Lopez Retratos de La Familia

Amanda Lopez Retratos de La Familia

If you’re in the East Bay Area this weekend, make sure to stop by Berkeley’s Pueblo Nuevo gallery for Retratos de La Familia, a show featuring the photography of Amanda Lopez. You may recall her shoot for Mama Clothing’s Winter 2008 collection. If not, check out some pics from that shoot here. In addition to featuring some photos from that collaboration, Lopez has work from her portrait series Mi Familia. Shot in black and white, the portraits have a sort of sweet poignancy. Particularly striking are the diptychs. Combining a close-up with a full body shot, each subject’s gaze initially draws you in and then the details surrounding them blend to create the portrait in the accompanying photograph. Gorgeous! Check it out this Friday, May 8 starting at 6 pm and going late! The show runs through May 30.

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