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Portraits of the Process Trailer

Portraits of the Process by Rickey Kim

Portraits of the Process by Rickey Kim

“Sometimes, it’s not about the end result, it’s what takes place in between.”

Ever asked yourself, “How did they come up with THAT?” Rickey Kim of Mr Kim Says and Evil Monito had been asking himself the same question, and set about investigating and documenting what happens between coming up with an idea, and seeing it executed. Having teamed up with Maestro, the end result is “Portraits of the Process”, a series of online short films taking a behind the scenes look at the creative processes of various artistic individuals.


“My thought has always been that in life, it’s the quiet, intimate moments when you feel vulnerable and open try new things, this is where the unexpected happens.”

It’s these quiet, intimate moments that we’ll get to see once the series drops – guaranteed to be a great source of inspiration.

The Process (trailer) from Evil Monito Magazine on Vimeo.

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