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M.I.S.S. x Beauty Ticket: $50 Gift Certificate Give Away!

BeautyTicket.com x M.I.S.S. $50 Gift Certificate Give Away

BeautyTicket.com x M.I.S.S. $50 Gift Certificate Give Away

M.I.S.S. has teamed up with BeautyTicket.com to give away a $50 gift certificate.  Carrying name brand cosmetics including China Glaze, Smashbox, Stila and Anna Sui at already deeply discounted prices, $50 will take you a long way!

M.I.S.S.’s very own beauty editor M.I.S.S. Michelle came up with some questions for you to answer – the person with all 3 correct answers and the most compelling answer to the bonus question will get a $50 gift certificate to use on BeautyTicket.com! Good luck!

1: What main ingredient in slimming creams does the slimming?
2: Since ancient times, this poisonous heavy metal was used in cosmetics to give skin a pale, powdery look.
3: This cosmetics company made the lipstick shade, Fire and Ice famous.

Bonus Question:
What is your definition of beauty?

Please submit answers to contest@missomnimedia.com by 9 PM PST on Thursday, May 21, 2009 with the words “Beauty Ticket” in the subject.

And no worries, if you’re not the lucky winner, take advantage of the exclusive M.I.S.S. 10% off promotion at Beauty Ticket going until June 1, 2009. All you have to do is enter “missomnimedia” at check out to receive 10% off your entire purchase. 

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    wow, these are hard!!


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