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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Polaroid Two Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Two Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Two Instant Digital Camera

Everyone’s got a Polaroid memory: a snapshot from a wild party, sitting on Santa’s lap as a kid, the first car you ever bought, or a photo of your childhood puppy.  But with the rise of digital cameras over the last decade, the once in vogue instant film camera has fallen by the wayside.  Polaroid ended production of the iconic device years ago, and they stopped making film for it last year, too.  Nobody’s shaking it “like a Polaroid picture” anymore.  But that’s all set to change with arrival of the Polaroid Two, Polaroid’s attempt at updating a classic for the new generation of snapshot photographers.

The Polaroid Two is a five-megapixel digital camera featuring a built-in printer.  Like the original Polaroid, the Polaroid Two lets you snap pictures and dispenses 2×3-inch, full-color, peel-off, sticky-backed photos in less than a minute at a magazine quality resolution of 300 dpi.  It uses ZINK Imaging’s Zero Ink technology to bake crystals into the specially treated paper, which dries practically as soon as it is printed.  Photos can be cropped or adorned with funky borders before printing, or they can be stored to an SD card like a traditional digital camera.

You can get about 15 prints off before the battery runs out, and new sheets of ZINK paper to continue printing on won’t come cheap.  Still, for those looking to rekindle their love affair with Polaroid and instant film, this looks like the way to go.  It’s available now at Colette in France for roughly $332.

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