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Miss Techcessories: Barack Obama USB Drive

Barack Obama USB Drive

Barack Obama USB Drive

You bought all the “Yes We Can!” bumper stickers you could get your hands on, donated your life savings to his campaign, and cast the first ballot for him at your local polling place on Election Day.  But did you ever think to yourself, “If only I had a Barack Obama USB Drive to add to my collection of Obama themed pins, signs, and  cheap t-shirts?”  Well, your prayers have finally been answered.  It’s a little late to the (Democratic) party, but Active Media Products has launched their USB drive that commemorates President Obama’s historic rise to the White House.  Pretty fitting as he fancies himself the first Web 2.0 president.

Featuring a hologram of our 44th President’s face etched on the front, this otherwise unassuming, waterproof 2GB USB drive also contains 30 MB of preloaded bonus material, including his inaugural address and his famous race speech in MP3 format, PDF versions of several other significant speeches,  and his official White House photo (so you can gaze longingly and wish you were Michelle Obama).  The Barack Obama USB drive is available now for $10, with larger sized drives coming in the near future.

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One Response to “Miss Techcessories: Barack Obama USB Drive”

  1. Drea says:

    wooow….well actually i’m not really that shocked. I was waiting for the Obama mem to go to a more tech-y level.


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