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M.I.S.S. NYC Showroom Visit: Bijules NYC Spring ’09 Rock Collection

Bijules Rock Collection

Bijules Rock Collection

One of my favorite jewelry lines is Bijules NYC by Jules Kim.  Jules has been paving new paths in the realm of contemporary jewelry since she re-invented the bar ring six years ago. Whether it’s jewelry made from hair, or jewelry as lingerie, each season I can’t wait to see her new collection because I know I will be pleasantly surprised with the beauty of the unexpected.

For Spring 2009, Jules was inspired by rocks, amethyst formations, pyrite (fool’s gold) and the perfections of nature’s imperfections. She’s updated her iconic bar ring by adding rock formations based on actual pieces of raw amethyst. The rings come in the 1-, 2-, and 3-finger variety. What at first glance looks like a pyramid stud, is actually a replica of pyrite. The pyrite shapes make their way on to bangles and stackable rings. Other highlights included a fly clip that can be worn as a clip on earring on your favorite garment or accessory. The standout piece of the season is the Gelfling Ear Tip – you can have elf ears in an instant!

All of the pieces in the collection are available in a trio of colors/metals: silver, gold and black gold (my fave!). All of the jewels come packaged with gold pixie dust that can be sprinkled on the pieces for an adding bit of fantasy. View the video below for an explanation from the lady herself on the inspiration behind the collection and how to wear each jewel.

As if the Rock Collection were not enough exciting news, Jules let me in on a little secret: she’s got 2 more lines coming out later this year! Jules Kim for Bijules will be a high end line of jewelry made only with fine metals and stones. The second line will be a diffusion line of sorts – it will be called BJ and consist of plastic bar rings and nail rings. So democratic of her! Now, if you can’t afford the Bijules line, you can still get that great design with the BJ Collection.

All the pieces pictured below in the photos and video can be purchased online on the Bijules NYC Web Store. When money is tight, you really want to get investment pieces and these pieces are unique, beautiful and will always be conversation starters.

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4 Responses to “M.I.S.S. NYC Showroom Visit: Bijules NYC Spring ’09 Rock Collection”

  1. Seems like Jules has been watching The Dark Crystal for inspiration!

  2. ELROD says:

    those are stunning pieces of art, thank you for sharing

  3. the earcuffs are HOT TO DEATH!

  4. Gee Gee says:

    sickening… so ill!


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