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M.I.S.S. in the Mix: Peaches “I Feel Cream” Review

Peaches: I Love Cream

Peaches: I Feel Cream

Listening to Peaches has never required too much thinking: the beats are fun and the random things she raps and/or sings about are hilarious. Her songs provoke you to wonder, “Did she really just say that?” Chances are, whatever you thought she said, she said.

One of the most noteworthy things about the album I Feel Cream is that each and every song sounds like it has a different lead singer. Peaches has such control over the volume, energy, and tone of her voice that you really NOTICE a difference when going from song to song.

* “Serpentine” – On this one Ms. Lady P raps most of the song. Peaches raps “You’re staring at my ass and my beard and my mustache.”

*”Lose” and “More” – Ehhhh, these are both very repetitive, very “House,” and the longest songs on the album.

*”Billionaire” – Great song because it features Shunda K from Yo Majesty (SIDE NOTE: Download the Yo Majesty song “Club Action.“ Trust.)

*”I Feel Cream” is what a true electro song should be. Fairly fast and upbeat. I probably like it because it reminds me of the beat in “This Beat is Technotronic.” Also, the sound builds in intensity, drops off around 2:15, and then comes back hard around 3:05.

*”Trick or Treat” – Just ok. Funny line: “Keep my curls kinky and a hole in the sheet. Never go to bed without a piece of raw meat.”

*”Show Stopper”, “Mommy Complex” – Don’t enjoy.

*“Mud” – This sounds like a KUDU song. Peaches even sounds like Illvia on this track!!!)

Listen to Peaches’ album I Feel Cream on XLR8R.com!

Peaches is performing at the Highline Ballroom on Saturday, May 16th. Check out all of her tour dates! Once her American tour launches, Peaches is releasing a line of Jewelry in collaboration with Tatty Devine.

Peaches: I Love Cream

Peaches: I Feel Cream

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