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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Get with the Box

M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: If you’ve got an itch to eat healthier but don’t know what to buy at the market, get with the box- the CSA box. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it’s kind of like a weekly subscription to farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. You basically pre-pay for a share of the farmer’s harvest during a season, and each week, you’ll get hooked up with a variety of local produce and seasonal goods. Sometimes, you won’t know what will be in the box, and that element of surprise makes the CSA even more fun (remember the grab bags from the Hello Kitty store? Yea…like that). And because you’re paying for it ahead of time, you’ll be more inclined to eat it all and skip the take-out! Nothing’s better than getting those nutrients in your body.

Supporting CSA also helps to build up your cooking repertoire. You might open your box and come across something that you don’t even know how it looks outside of a can. Then, you’ll find yourself doing research on how to make the best kohlrabi slaw or beet greens sauté. This week, my CSA box included carrots, strawberries, radishes, Swiss chard, cilantro, Romaine lettuce, beets, and the best strawberries I’ve ever had- and they’re all organic! Since getting it, I’ve made an assortment of yummy things, including salad with strawberries and beets, smoothies, salsa, pasta, and even pickled carrots and radishes. And the best part is knowing that I have more coming next week.

Sound like something you can commit to? Visit your local farmer’s market and ask around to see how you can get involved. Farms operate their CSAs in different ways, so make sure you get the details of what you’re getting into. Some offer delivery service, while others require pick-up. Some have a standard box, while others will offer you choices. Either way you come about it, CSA is a win-win situation for the farmers and for you!

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