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Melody Ehsani Spring ’09 Goodies: Price-friendly and Fabulous!

Melody Ehsani Shoes

Melody Ehsani Shoes

Footwear and accessories designer Melody Ehsani has been making big moves lately; it’s a wonder the woman has any energy. On top of churning out jewelry for hot up-and-coming artists like LMFAO and Elektrik Red, Ehsani still manages to stay on top of her game when it comes to designing killer stilettos and one-of-a-kind jewelry for the masses. (Other celeb fans include Ciara, who’s sporting M.E. earrings on her latest cover’s artwork, and Keri Hilson.)

For Spring ’09, M.E.’s footwear is some of the fiercest on the market… The best part being that all the stilettos are under $200. The only part of the collection over $200 are M.E.’s fabulous purple patent-leather hidden wedge boots, which’ll run you $280… but totally worth it. This season, M.E. footwear features some of the hottest trends out there – including pink, chain-link stilettos (the Asjai) and chrome wedge open-toed booties (the Mariel). Be warned though – most M.E. heels sport a heel that’s 4-plus inches, so as fabulous as you’ll look in them, you may need a little bit of practice wearing them around the house before you brave the streets in the killer foot candy.

Melody Ehsani Accessories

Melody Ehsani Accessories

This spring, M.E.’s also got the goods when it comes to one-of-a-kind accessories that have been spotted on the likes of fashion sweetheart Rihanna (she was spotted in M.E.’s “Bad” multi-finger plated ring, which will only set you back $50… even Rihanna loves a steal!). Other accessory options include M.E.’s “POW!” hoop earrings and other multi-finger rings, this name slated with the phrases “Hate” and “Love.” If you happen to scoop up M.E.’s Asjai heels, pair them with the four-finger chain link ring that features the same chain detail. Newer options include a “Fresh” multi-finger ring and a three-finger studded “Leopard” ring. Once again, M.E. watches out for your wallet, pricing most pieces under $100.

We could go on for days about all of the fabulous options that M.E.’s providing us this season, but we want to let you see all the fabulous, eye-catching options for yourself. Check out Melody Ehsani’s website for more information and be sure to peep the Melody Ehsani’s blog!

Melody Ehsani Accessories

Melody Ehsani Accessories

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3 Responses to “Melody Ehsani Spring ’09 Goodies: Price-friendly and Fabulous!”

  1. mari says:

    yes! i had been dyring to get the chain ring ever since i saw amber rose wearing it. i know cubannie is supposed to be having some 3 finger rings too. looking forward to those too!

  2. Betsey J says:

    ah love it love it. especially the ring with the chains around it.

  3. candywarhol says:

    Ahh I love her. I have the Tut earrings and people FREAK over them everytime I wear ’em.


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