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Life 2.0 by OHW2007: Money v. Ugly??

Life 2.0 by OHW2007

Life 2.0 by OHW2007

Dear OHW2007,

I’m dating two guys right now. One is in London. He’s a great guy. He makes good money, but he’s not really my type as far as his body type and how he keeps his house. He is filthy – and when I saw his house filthy like that it kind of turned me off. Now, whenever I think about him touching me I get grossed out.

This other guy is here in LA. We met while the other guy went back home to London for work. He’s nice, he’s very very cute. Latino, tall, he doesn’t make as much as the other guy would but he still tries to provide for himself and his little girl. He seems to be a hard worker – he has to be, he doesn’t have anyone to fall back on. He’s in this country alone.

I would love to work with the London guy, we are both into media, film etc… but I don’t think it will work as far as us being together. Is it wrong to tell him I’ve been dating someone else and I want to be friends. Am I being shallow for not thinking hes hot?!? Is it selfish for women to tell men they want to be friends… am I gonna get some nasty karma for dating 2 men at once?? Do I really give a fuck?!!? I don’t know. HELP!!

Sorry everyone, the Professional took the night off….

The Jerk: I love it, I love it. Money vs. looks and filth vs. friend vs. giving a fuck. Dope. Dope. Dope.

Alright, let’s get to it. Sounds like both dudes have their issues, so I’m not sure you really need to make the call. I mean, I don’t know much about your total situation, but sounds like you’re still in dating mode and not looking to be locked down. Dating is cool. Catching numbers is really cool. Humping without protection, not so cool. If you feel like playing the field, play ball (intentionally avoiding a good joke).

When you find the right person, you know in your heart and bank account that the deal is done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about girls going for the stacks. I am about girls being able to take care of themselves (I know, not so jerk-ish). Money comes and goes. If homeboy can’t take care of himself financially, unless your middle name is cougar or sugar mama, you best be out.

Regarding filth, there is a fine line between messy and sloth. When I was living in NYC I had a roommate we used to call “sloth.” Simply put, the dude was a pig. Crusty towel and multiple day old open takeout containers left around the couch type of dude. Girls, don’t let dudes like that get some action. If you can’t sleep the night at your dude’s house because you’re afraid of catching the plague, just leave. Always remember, your partner is a representation of you. If your man has a stinky ass, well, people will think you have a stinky ass. Avoid stinky ass.

And looks, well, in my opinion, the uglier the better. You want a dude who worships the ground you walk on. Just try to stay away from (1) To Catch a Predator looking type dudes (I really miss that show), (2) dudes that drool during daylight hours, and (3) dudes that naturally always have their mouth open. Take it from me, the pretty people eventually become the ugly people and the people who used to be the ugly people, become the wealthy people.

And at the end of the day, just be honest with everyone you’re dating. Don’t be an jerk and make the dudes you date think you’re on some exclusive shit when you’re just catching numbers. That just sucks for everyone involved.

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One Response to “Life 2.0 by OHW2007: Money v. Ugly??”

  1. d. says:

    What better advice could the professional give us? the jerk is always a-o.k in my book.

    Stinky ass.



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