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Letter From The Editor: Welcome To The New M.I.S.S.!

M.I.S.S. New Site

M.I.S.S. New Site

Hello M.I.S.S. readers!

It’s been a LONG time coming but I’m happy to welcome you to the new and improved M.I.S.S.!  Last month we celebrated our 3rd Birthday and instead of throwing a big party, we decided to get a makeover.

Take a look around and explore the new site.  You have different ways of finding the info you want – you can see featured stories, articles by category and most recent posts.  If you are a creature of habit and just want to see the good ‘ol blog format, click on “News” and it will be just like old times.

With the new layout we were able to give special placement to content that we’re very proud of like our Women’s Making History Interviews and Editorial.  We also have a separate section just for events and sales – so keep checking that area for updates on the latest and must-go-to events and sales.

M.I.S.S. would be nothing without our team of contributors and now you can learn about everyone that’s part of the crew.  If you go to the very top navigation and hover on about you’ll see a button for our contributors.  You’ll also see them listed next to each post they’ve written.

As always, we want to hear from you and we welcome any feedback – feel free to hit us up at  And don’t forget to leave comments – we want to hear from you!

Enjoy the site!

Keep your eyes to the sky, and your ears to the street,

xo GDK

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10 Responses to “Letter From The Editor: Welcome To The New M.I.S.S.!”

  1. Rachel T. rachie says:

    awww loveee ittt!!

  2. Joanna says:

    Congrats, ladies! The new site looks fab. Hope at some point soon I can contribute!

    xo Joanna

  3. Stella says:

    Congrats on the site makeover! So fresh and so clean! Looks good. . . and happy birthday, ladies!

  4. A$TNMNQ says:

    whoawhoawhoa.. veddy niziize

  5. Betsey J says:

    OH MY!!!!!

    I absolutely love it.
    So clean & pretty.

    totally blogging about this later today.

    keeep up the awesome work!


  6. Rachel T. rachie says:

    wrote a post on this on my blog 😉

  7. Shari says:

    I love it! I will have to blog about this on my blog. Thanks for keeping me in the loop.

  8. Gabriella GDK says:

    Thank you ladies!!

  9. Nasia says:

    i like it but i must say im gonna miss the old site


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