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Knockin’ It Back at The Standard SPiN New York Classic

The Standard SPiN New York Classic

The Standard SPiN New York Classic

Words by Gee & The Hotstepper

With a sizable line at the door, and fashionistas milling about everywhere, the debut of the SPiN New York ping pong club seemed more like a couture event than a sporting one. But with a sport championed by tennis pro, international playboy, and fashion tastemaker Fred Perry what else could you expect. Five gorgeous German ping-pong tables, complete with the Standard Hotel’s logo, stood in the middle of a cavernous room with beautiful wood-paneled ceilings and floor-length glass windows showing off the ridiculously dope view of the Hudson River. The crowd piled up on either side, anxiously awaiting the start of the tournament.

Over sixty contestants had signed up to try out their Chop and Drop shots (check your table tennis handbooks for more on what that actually means!). While most were just party-goers eager to smack a ball around for a few, we did spot some seasoned pros, including a granny who was rockin’ a table-tennis-ready outfit and had her own customized ping-pong gear in tote. After a brief speech by the SPiN club’s chairman, who gave special thanks to celebrity investor Susan Sarandon and props to the other celebs in the house (a very handsome Tim Robbins and Judah Friedlander, decked out in full hipster attire, were also in attendance),  the tournament was underway! Back and forth, the balls were flying across the table, and in most cases across the room, since there weren’t too many seasoned pros on the courts. The Standard’s league did especially well, proving that fashionistas and hipsters weren’t as bad at ping-pong as one would have suspected.

Although there certainly are some table tennis clubs around the city where ping pong enthusiasts can enjoy a brisk game, SPiN New York is the first one that I’ve ever seen specifically built and marketed as a really cool place to go. The 13,000 square foot locale on Park Avenue in Manhattan’s Flatiron District offers Olympic quality cushioned flooring to go along with it’s 17 individual table tennis courts and stadium style center court. Patrons can make a day or evening of it in the social club’s unparalleled facilities, and satiate themselves with lunch and/or dinner, a bar and lounge, pick up a new pips out paddle in the Pro shop, and after a particularly rousing round of matches shower off in the locker room before heading home.

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6 Responses to “Knockin’ It Back at The Standard SPiN New York Classic”

  1. Ken Ricketts says:

    This looks great, but how can we locate it? I cannot find the address?

  2. SPiN New York is located at 304 Park Ave South.

    If this conditioins will be apply I’m willing to pay your year charge of $500.00.

  4. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Sergio, you should contact them directly for rates.

  5. bOOm says:

    So are these photos of the actual SpinNYC club? If so I do not see olympic flooring and adequate playing space. Sounds more like a bar to me.

  6. Richard says:

    I went to The Standard party and it really rocked. I had a great time. bOOm: no the photos are of The Standard hotel. Go check out http://www.spinyc.com to see the latest pics of the SPiN New York club (including the Olympic flooring — which incidentally, is a work of art the way it was installed so professionally). I was in the club a copule/few weeks ago just after it soft opened and it was shaping up very nicely. It’s a really cool place to hang and it was crowded the night I was there. Everyone seemed to be having a good time — lots of smiles and laughing. Very good vibe.


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