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International Beauty Show Review: Beauty Tales With Miss Roxy Cottontail & Mama Kitten

International Beauty Show with Roxy Cottontail and Mama Kitten

International Beauty Show with Roxy Cottontail and Mama Kitten

Guest Contributors: Roxy Cottontail & Mama Kitten


This week in NYC the Jacob Javits Center hosted the International Beauty Show. Kat & I were fortunate to attend on behalf of M.I.S.S. and uncover some of the future beauty trends you may see at a salon near you sometime this year. It was a blast! We received a crazy detoxification that I’m still not 100% sure was legit. My dad says it’s a farce. I kinda believe him, it was just too weird and disgusting to be true. The upside was we saw new hair techniques, amazing nails that lit up, stylists dancing while cutting hair (scary), new nail techniques, new spa treatments and it seems everyone wants soy in their products right now.

Upon arrival we found a bunch of un-noteworthy crap and Kat stumbled upon grown men & women sitting with their feet in what looked like tubs of mud at the Detox for Life booth. She thought we should try this new technique, which she hears is pretty popular in Asia. As we sat down and put our feet into the freezing cold water, I was thinking the treatment was free, she hands over her credit card and tells me we are actually paying $40 each for this detoxification. “Oh joy” Is what I’m thinking, still grossed out. We uncovered the entire process live via youtube. It’s pretty entertaining and I realize if this whole music thing doesn’t work out I’ll have a great career in journalism or the newsroom.

After we got the “toxins” out of our system I found the Migi Nail Art booth. This is pretty cool, but seems expensive although they do offer “free refills for life.”  It’s a new nail art pen anyone can use. It works like a pen of nail polish, only you squeeze the pen harder and more nail polish comes out. The “Art” aspect is easy, using the pen for only thin lines & dots.

As we walked around there were all types of amazing products and procedures to try. Kat & I both felt the need to get on the Euro Body Shaper. This was one of those products that advertising 400 calories burned in 10 minutes just by doing nothing. It’s not the most flattering feeling mounting a vibrating exercise machine you aren’t actually exercising on. It’s also hella expensive.

I was particularly enthralled by the Bring It Up breast lift video. I suppose this would be good for some type of strapless dress. My only question is…What happens when you sweat?

Kat & I couldn’t help but notice everyone’s hair seemed to be shimmering! It was the weirdest thing and the newest craze called Bling Strands. I took a video to document the process. Pretty sure I could do this to someone else but seems troublesome to put in my own hair.

We saw people trying out teeth whitening systems, vibrating pedicure chairs, eyelash extensions, the works. It was a full on spa day in the Jacob Javits Center! My favorite part was the manicures though! I was down for getting some details done. I had my nails painted gold over the weekend so I could go in on some 3-D designs at the International Beauty Show on Monday. Little did I know I would find a 3-D Nail Art Mold Starter Kit by Cosmo Nails. It was $80 and came with 5 nail molds of your choosing. This is the kit for me, I have only dreamed of practicing nail designs on my bunnies and now I have that opportunity at the tips of my very own fingernails!

I also noticed mega hype on Calgel and products of the like. This is the newest craze in nail technology. It’s been going on in Europe & Japan since 1990, manufactured in South Africa and actually beneficial for your nails! It’s like acrylic but much better, there is no filing involved. My sister Pebbles “Baby Rox” gets this done every month while and I opt for acrylic nails. I may be ready to get converted, I just wish more salons offered it in my hood!

All in all, the trip to IBS was inspirational and informative! My favorite part of the day was finding this incredible nail artist from Puerto Rico who spoke zero English. She took Fimo Clay and used it between layers of acrylic. I think this is her own thing, I’ve never seen or heard of it before in all my life. This process still has me in awe, so much so that I forgot to get the website I guess. I was in shock at this girl’s nails. Basically, she trumped the nail game because had a small butterfly perched on one of her nails that lit up when her phone rang! What!?!? YES! I wish I had taken video of it because it was quite the hype. She basically had this censored watch battery wired under her acrylic nail. Words cannot describe the beauty in such a prestigious act. All I can say is “You Go Girl!”

Thank you M.I.S.S.!!!


Roxy Cottontail


‘To thine own self be true’ are Shakespeare’s advisory words of wisdom but in the billion dollar business world of beauty, it’s about enhancing ourselves to become more than just, well, ourselves.  They don’t tell us we’re naturally beautiful, they remind us we could use a little bit of this or that.  So on we adventure to scavenge magic potions and uncover innovative services to remove wrinkles, make our cellulite no longer look like pieces of peeled orange,  and somehow mask the horrendous reality that we have slightly larger than average noses.  The IBS (and for real’s, let’s rebrand this acronym, its not so pretty) was like most tradeshows, a market place for salons, beauty brands and experts to converge in a crowded, dark room and wax lyrical.  It’s always baffled me how the experiential side of tradeshows is massively ignored and that it’s still about whomever can purchase the exhibitor’s fee to be there.  In the world of ‘mass’ galore, much like the internet, there still exists an opportunity for ‘curation’, in fact, this is the only direction left to be unique and potentially remain as a significant brand in any industry.

Nevertheless, Miss Roxy and I had a blast filtering through the copious amounts of garbage to come across some riveting examples of strong brands with refreshing products that won’t just be flash in pans:

Personalize your own beauty range –  Your Name

For a girl like me who’s known for her big lips, I’ve always had this fantasy of having my own range of lip glosses, each with a different scent; a sort kiss-and-smell if you will.  Your Name can create a range of eye shadows, foundations, eyeliners and lipsticks all in hot colors (their bronze collection looks just like Guerlain’s Terracota range), all bearing your brands name.  I think a different gloss for each of my favorite boys I like to kiss could be fun (what a flirt).

Soy based nail polish remover  – Bodipure

After weeks of nail polish wear n’ tear or copious applications of acrylic poured on the last thing you want to do is bask your nails in more alcohol to remove old color.  WilaVerde by Bodipure have formulated a tonic that removes the dangerous chemicals; acetone and ethyl acetate.  Their bio-degradable remover is based on soy moisturizing oils to condition cuticles and nails and whilst you have to rub a little more than the usual, it’s natural and eco-friendly.

Blinc’s waterproof easy to remove mascara  – Blinc
I forked out $12 to buy a bottle of this tube of wonder that’s said to be a waterproof, smudge proof paint pot, forming ‘tubes’ of color around your lashes that won’t clump or flake.  Friday night’s late night bash brought much volume to my Asian bitty eyes so I can say that this guinea pig came out of the lab throwing dumplings in the air with joy.  Blinc also boasts a microdermabrasion product in a stick form to remove oily patches, soften skin, diminish lines or discolorations; a smart purchase this recession year as the sun’s about to come out and we need to slough off winter’s dead cells.

Footsteps to soft skin  – Footbuffer
Eddie Murphy had every right in Boomerang to kick out the girls with the gross toes and calloused feet.  Whilst we can’t be goddesses everyday, open toed sandals and a summer rolls in the hays are about to take place and I implore all of you to reconsider that a simple visit to the pedicurist is all you need. If the Ped Egg from infomercials is like a Parmesan grater for the feet, the Footbuffer is like a major power tool ladies.  I’m talking sandpaper hair dryer contraption that you need to pull out like an AK47 once in a while and tackle even the remotest layer of rough skin.

Eyeliner artwork –  Velvet Eyeliner
I’m still slightly on the fence with this one since if you’re not a good illustrator it could go terribly wrong but the world of eyeliner art exhibits could well be interesting if lead by the right chicas.  This is a felt tip ‘marker’ that allows you to draw designs outside the eye area.  Available in black, green, brown and blue, you should check it out and see what you come up with.

View all of the photos from Roxy & Mama Kitten’s adventures including many, many nail art photos  and read on for more product details.

Product details & sites:


Migi nail art pens are a very exciting and unique way to design and create airbrushed style artwork using nail polish in a pen. This allows the user to draw on their own nails, using a patented art tip. Migi Nail Art has both a brush for painting your nails and an art tip for drawing!!! The secret is in the design of the art tip and the functionality of the plastic squeeze bottle. Gently squeeze the bottle while either dragging or drawing with the pen, this will allow you to create any type of design you desire.


With groundbreaking Fusion Technology, the color bonds in 3 steps: The base coat fuses to the bed of the nail in step one. During step two, the color bonds to the base coat, and in step three, the top coat seals the bond and fuses to the color. This all-in-one process ensures long-lasting color, high-gloss shine, and durability. One coat can resist chipping for up to 14 days! It cuts the application time in half by requiring only a single coat and drying time of less than 2 minutes. One Coat by Cosmo is currently available in 34 fashionable colors. The One Coat collection includes Don’t Let This One Go – a pink you’ll want to wear forever, Once in a Lifetime – a rich, deep burgundy that will remind you of your first kiss, One Day at a Time – a calm relaxing violet, I’m the One – a brilliant blue that will bring out the confidence in you, One of These, One of Those – a shimmering ruby for the perfect shopping spree, and You’re the One for Me – a glittery silver for those who know what they want.


How does detox therapy work?

The all-new Patented Detox for Life Therapy system has changed all that. Instead of 12+ weeks of misery, you can purge the body of toxins in 30 minutes while relaxing, reading or having your hair or nails done while you receive a soothing foot bath in warm water.

Though the detoxification process itself will not cure disease, the accumulation of toxins have been shown to weaken ones immune system allowing for disease to take hold and joint deterioration to occur. The deep tissue warmth of the infrared belt helps break-up the impure toxins that imbed themselves into the organs. These imbedded toxins have been found t be the source of many of the aches and pains we experience daily.

The Detox for Life Therapy system sets up an ionizing effect in the blood stream beginning at the wrist and flowing through the body. The ionized blood molecules act as little magnets attracting the negatively charged pollutants to them as they pass through the body. The Ionic flow changes polarity every 5 minutes allowing for the removal of both positively and negatively charged toxic particles into the water where they are purged through the 20,000 large pores of the feet. Detox for Life Therapy treatments are a pleasant, non-invasive way to detoxify your body.

Depending on the toxins your body has built up over time, you might notice lymphatic fat or mucous settling on the surface of the water. Each person is slightly different and the color of the footbath will determine where the toxins are being removed within your body.


Why is Calgel popular?

– Calgel does not damage the nail

– Calgel requires minimal buffing of the nail plate prior to applying gel coating or gel sculpture treatment and no primers are used either. Your natural nails will not suffer damages from filing and application of harsh chemical solutions.

– Calgel does not contain acrylic or other monomers, and has no offensive smell that is characteristic of conventional nail products. Used on its own, it does not damage the natural nail.

– Not only the gel but also other products such as solutions that are used with the gel are hypoallergenic and less damaging to the nail.

– Additionally, Calgel has a wide range of products that provide additional nourishment while you wear the gel on your nails.

– Calgel is long lasting

– Calgel guarantees superior adhesion to the natural nail and a long-lasting finish. The gel layer is gas-permeable, so it allows moisture to pass through.

– Since moisture is not trapped between the gel layer and the natural nail, there is less chance of the application pealing off. With fewer visits required to the nail salon for touch ups and other treatments (on average, every 3 to 5 weeks), it is far more economical for the customer. The most outstanding difference between Calgel and other nail systems is the flexibility of the nail after application, which prevents breaking or chipping. The coating is thin and natural looking, quite indistinguishable from your own nails

– Calgel is easy to remove

– Calgel can be removed safely and easily with a solution called Calaway. In contrast to systems that remove the product by filing down, this solution is formulated so that you can simply take off the gel, even on your own. The gel layer lifts off with ease, minimizing damage to your natural nail.

– Wide variety of colors to choose from

– Calgel offers 70 different colors (Color Calgel) to choose from. There is no need to wait for French nails and nails colored with polishes to dry, and no worries about making a mess either.


Bling Strands are the newest and hottest trend in fashion hair accessories! With a simple knot you can add head turning sparkle to your hair. Whether your hair is light or dark, long or short, you can be sure that Bling Strands will turn heads the minute you Bling It On. With our rainbow of colors you can go bold or subtle. One color can be eye catching, and two or three can be absolutely dazzling. An average head will use 10 to 12 strands, but the more you use, the more you can Bling It On! The best part is that Blinging is ageless–everyone from tiny tots to grandmothers love to Bling It On!

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