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Insa’s Maxi Mega Bargain Grab has begun

Insa's Maxi Mega Bargain Grab

Insa's Maxi Mega Bargain Grab

Springtime’s upon us, which means the (usually) dreaded act of spring cleaning. For some of us, though, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a drag—like when designers decide to clean out their digs and sell their no-longer-available goods for insanely low prices. Such is the case with Insa heels; you might remember this foot candy from a M.I.S.S. editorial back in October ’08.

So break out your MasterCard and do not sleep on this fabulous deal! (It’s been dubbed the ‘Maxi Mega Bargain Grab,’ doesn’t the name speak for itself?) Peep the goods over at Insa’s blog where you can also see what’s being offered. Take note, most of the items shown are the ONLY ones! E-mail to purchase items – the first individual to shoot the e-mail gets the goods! Payment is through PayPal only. Ready, set, shop!

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