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illdoctrine’s latest: Asher Roth and the Racial Crossroads

It seems that since Obama is in office, people have kicked up their heels and and declared progress for all: there’s less people attending anti-war and immigration rallies, and having a Black president has blanketed the racial tensions we felt a mere 6 months ago when he was running for office and people were declaring him a “terrorist”. Upon the dawning of two Caucasian MCs and their newest album releases, Asher Roth and Eminem, respectively, America is revisiting the notion of race and how our simple actions under a public microscope can affect millions of people around the country. As much as I think that “post-racism” is a bunch of crap, I do believe what Jay Smooth says, that togetherness doesn’t mean less sensitivity about issues, or blurred boundaries, but rather maintaining a level of respect that goes beyond polite recognition. And the fact that a bad joke is less about people “lightening up” and more about watching what you say, and most importantly, keeping the friends you have.

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4 Responses to “illdoctrine’s latest: Asher Roth and the Racial Crossroads”

  1. Best (or maybe most accurate?) explanation of Roth’s behavior that I have heard so far.
    PS – I noticed that Vice does this with the word “Gay” – they throw it around too casually to describe something that is “uncool” – and I find it really offensive. Being gay is not a bad thing and I feel like they are delivering the wrong message to readers.

  2. Jay Smooth says:

    I definitely did not mean to imply that “post racism” actually exists, or would be desirable if it did :)

  3. Krish Krish says:

    Hey Jay Smooth,

    It might have been the wording, but I didn’t think you meant that either. I put your video up because of your analysis that race DOES matter especially at this moment in time. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, and I’ll clarify the sentence a little better :)


  4. Jay Smooth says:

    oh no i know, i didn’t think you were dissing me just wanted to confirm my agreement on that point. :)


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