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I Wear My Sunglasses With Diamonds: Lux Eyewear For Summer

Lux Eyewear - Sunglasses by Tiffany & David Yurman

Lux Eyewear - Sunglasses by Tiffany & David Yurman

When the going gets tough, the tough go…shopping?  People are talking about the recession incessantly but some of the luxury brands aren’t taking notice – even Chanel, whose own Karl Lagerfeld said “luxury is dead.”  Maybe over-the-top luxury is gone but, people are still buying investment pieces.  And, when it comes to sunglasses – apparently people want more than some flattering frames – they want some jewels on them!

Jewelry has been really making a splash as of late – whether it’s gold chains lacing up your shoes (Upper Echelon Shoes), or gold faux nails (Bijules NYC), jewelry is expanding into other categories and spicing up everything from shoes, to hair to nails and now, sunglasses.  My favorites of this new breed of sunglasses are made by Tiffany, Chanel and David Yurman.

My picks from the Tiffany collection are the Tiffany Jazz Shield sunglasses and the Tiffany Bubbles Shield Sunglasses because they relate back to the jewelry that Tiffany is known for.  The Art Deco motif of the Jazz sunglasses was found in the Tiffany archives and the Bubble design is based on the Bubble jewelry collection.  Simple, refined, and very elegant.

I love the Chanel sunglasses because the styles also reference Chanel iconography – in this instance – pearls.  One style is a simple, black over-sized frame with a cultured pearl set in on each arm next to an understated Chanel logo.  The other style, comes with a pearl lanyard going from one arm to the other. These two styles are instant classics – big black frames never go out of style – especially when they’re Chanel!

The last pair that caught my eye are made by another jewelry company, David Yurman.  The Waverly sunglasses are a true representation of the brand with the iconic cable design on the arms of the sunglasses.  One look at these and they are unmistakably David Yurman.

Though these glasses are expensive as far as sunglasses go, they are definitely statement pieces that will stay with you from season to season.  They are also great ways to start buying luxury – not everyone can buy a Chanel 2.55 bag, but you can start your way into the Chanel world with a pair of sunglasses – one accessory at a time.  Just make sure you use those fancy cases the glasses come in and don’t sit on them!

Lux Eyewear - Chanel Sunglasses

Lux Eyewear - Chanel Sunglasses

Lux Eyewear - Sunglasses by Tiffany

Lux Eyewear - Sunglasses by Tiffany

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  1. Lanyard says:

    Yes, the sunglasses are cool, but I’ll still wait till I buy any.


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