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Hello Drama Jewelry

“Somehow drama is always attracted to me and Kat and there’s just no way to get around it. We hate drama sometimes but sometimes you just get too pulled away by the excitement of it all.”
Kaila of Nylon Pink, J-Popworld

Hello Drama Jewelry

Hello Drama Jewelry

Where most cringe at the thought of more drama in their lives, “Hello Drama” welcomes it as a fun inevitability. “Hello Drama” is Kaila and Kitt.E.Kat of the pop-rock sensation Nylon Pink’s brainchild; their fusion of music and anime created a dramatic jewelry line that has made waves in many elite magazines.

Birthed in the L.A heat and inspired by their lead single “Hello Drama,” this line of edgy and funky yet feminine and sweet jewelry has adorned many celebrities such as Kat Von D, Macy Gray, The Veronicas, Raquel Reed, Ruby Rose and Torry from The Donnas. Hearts, crosses, ribbons, anime characters, skulls and guns pervade this line, showing off the dark and masculine, and wrapping it up with a pink ribbon. Despite their appeal to the rich and famous, this line is still reasonably priced; most of their pieces fall within the 20 to 40 dollar price range.

Hello Drama Jewelry

Hello Drama Jewelry

“Hello Drama” is now carried at Chic Little Devil Style house, the largest styling house in Los Angeles. It can also be found at Etsy, and other selected boutiques.

For more information and/or to peruse their online store, visit the Hello Drama site.

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