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Beauty Ticket $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway: And the Winner Is…

Beauty Ticket $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway:  And the Winner Is...

Beauty Ticket $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway: And the Winner Is...

We have a winner!! Congratulations Jean Yee!! M.I.S.S. Michelle came up with some difficult questions be Jean Yee got them all right…check out Michelle’s explanations of the correct answers…

Q: What main ingredient in slimming creams does the slimming?

A: Caffeine. Clinical studies show that caffeine has a shrinking effect when applied topically to the body, and is believed to flush out fluids and toxins from those areas as well.

Q: Since ancient times, this poisonous heavy metal was used in cosmetics to give skin a pale, powdery look.

A: Lead. For centuries, lead was one of the most common ingredients used in powders, rouges, and mascaras causing low grade lead poisoning (basically overall poor health), insanity, and in some cases, death.

Q: This cosmetics company made the lipstick shade, Fire and Ice famous.

A: Revlon. Making its debut in 1952, Revlon’s Fire and Ice, a cool creamy pinky red was the first lipstick shade to inject sexual innuendos, like “Do sables excite you, even on other women?”, into their advertising campaigns. Danggggggggg!

Jean Yee got bonus points for her sweet answer to what her definition of beauty was…

Beauty, true beauty comes from within. It’s a combination of disposition, attitude and positive thoughts of yourself and empathy for others. This exudes from the person and it becomes their aura. From this comes respect to one’s body and the desire to take effort in caring for it by nourishing it and enhancing your body to match and enhance the beauty from within. Beauty’s manifestation is a person who finds balance in caring for him/herself in mind, body and soul and has enough to care outside of him/herself and find empathy for others and their environment.

Congratulations Jean!

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