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Women Making History: Kylee of Miss Wax

Women Making History

Women Making History: Kylee of Miss Wax

Women Making History: Kylee of Miss Wax

We’re going to do today’s feature a little differently! Today we’re putting the spotlight on the creative and inspiring Miss Kylee of Miss Wax Jewelry and she’s going to tell her backstory via a letter to our readers below. Definitely take note: At the age of 22, this lady’s sustainable-based jewelry line (her popular pieces are made from broken vinyl) is gaining popularity with no sign of slowing down!

Take it away, Kylee!

Let me take a little time to introduce myself: My name is Kylee Dawn Fauss & I am the founder & Head designer of Miss Wax Jewelry, based here in San Diego. At 22 years young I’ll say life has been quite interesting…

Born & raised in San Diego CA & still residing here, I can definitely say I fully encompass everything San Diego. Though I might not have been your run-of the-mill teen with straight A’s & a bachelor’s degree, I’ve managed to hold my own & start a line that is creating quite a stir. Using my rebellious past filled with alternative schools, Fake ID’S & bad boys I have tried to take what I’ve seen & the things that inspire my creative drive & turn it into a beautiful creation of art.

I went to Carlsbad High School & managed to make it through a couple of years there before turning to the lovely world of adult-hood. I dropped out of Carlsbad High in 03’ & graduated from Pacific View Charter school in 2004 so I could hold a couple of jobs & go to hip hop shows on school nights while everyone else was being punctual high school teenagers. Dabbling in a number of scenes & absorbing my culture at a young age I was able to get a broad aspect of life & develop my creative attributes.

More from Miss Wax herself, Kylee Fauss, under the cut…but first peep the fresh campaign ad for Miss Wax Jewelry, circa 2007, created by the people at Renegade Vision.

Kylee concludes her letter/backstory below:

When I began Miss Wax I really had no idea about starting a brand but I knew I liked the response & what I was doing was completely original. Miss Wax Began in fall of 2006 when I was experimenting with another style endeavor of creating jewelry out of broken vinyl. Slanging my hand-painted goodies to UNIV in Encinitas got me a little play so my line got more extensive & evolved into not just a leisure pursuit but a full fledged brand. I’ve gone from working with about six stores in 2007 to now almost 60 stores in the U.S, JAPAN, Philippines, Canada, & soon tapping the market in Europe.

Staying true to my roots, we’ve used only the most beautiful local ladies to model & had some pretty great response to the distinctive marketing we have. Luckily, My best friend Jacki Le is my marvelous photographer & I have been blessed with some remarkably talented friends that have helped get Miss Wax to where it is now.

Mostly working in the street-wear market, I currently sell to a number of stores in San Diego including 5&aDIME in downtown, UNIV in Encinitas, & Grandeur in Oceanside. I’ve worked with Artists such as renowned graffiti expertise, RETNA from Seventh Letter Crew, Lanie, the beauty & brains behind Hellz Bellz & will be coming out with a number of highly anticipated collaborations with some amazing brands & artists.

I hope this gave you a better idea of where it all began. If you’re interested in hearing more about the brand, please contact me.

–Kylee Fauss, Founder/Head Designer of Miss Wax Jewelry

Thanks Kylee! That was some great insight and an inspiring story from someone who’s definitely DOIN’ IT! Let’s even more familiar with Kylee via the survey below:

M.I.S.S. Survey with Kylee of Miss Wax

M.I.S.S. Survey with Kylee of Miss Wax

I love reading our honoree’s Turn Ons! I can definitely see them translated creatively in their brands!

Below we have an insightful Q&A with Kylee:

1. What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

I’m definitely gonna have to say that one of the most inspirational women to me is Lanie Albanza, Creator of Street-wear dominating brand, Hellz Bellz. The woman is genius. From being a head designer at Triple five Soul & Rocawear, to launching an amazingly successful brand of her own, she’s literally running shit.

2. How did you get your start?

I was “Discovered” as an artist/Jewelry designer in 2006 when local street-wear shop, UNIV opened in Encinitas & asked to carry the line in their store. They loved the originality of what I was doing. I would paint and collage on hand-cut vinyl, hook em up & rock em on my ears. After just a few months, i had a handful of stores under my belt & the hype about Miss Wax just got bigger. I really had no experience, money, or solution for manufacturing my creations. The process came about through some serious hard work & a lot of trial & error, but now were on our way to worldwide domination.

3. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry that you’ve created?

My favorite piece has got to be my MW two-finger ring. I wear mine everyday.
Its a total conversation piece. Everyones like, “Omigod! Are those brass knuckles?”
Im like, don’t trip, I aint gonna hit you or anything..haha. but if you fuck with me..?.

4. Who do you want to collaborate with on a future project?

I really want to get down with some of the heavy hitting ladies in the art game like Claw Money, Fafi, or Miss Van. That would be killer. Hopefully someday.

5. What part of your work process is the most challenging and do you dislike the most?

I must say the most wretched part of the Miss Wax process is getting all the printing documents ready for my printers. Just looking at the little suckers, you would never imagine how long the process is in making them. Oh yes, there are some grueling hours, but its all worth it in the end.

Thanks again, Kylee!

Kylee was more than kind enough to send along images from the new collection! Below is what’s dropping in ’09 including a collabo ring with Hellz Bellz for your lovely dueces!

[Editor’s Note: All images are property of Miss Wax Jewelry and should be credited appropriately when reblogging! Please be nice and link this feature when reblogging! KTHANX!]

Commence the coveting!

The new collection is to die for, right?! Yep. Ya’ll know we’re already hooked!

We’ll definitely keep you posted on all things Miss Wax but stay up with Kylee at and make sure to pick up a piece or two over at her online store! (Psst! She’s got some of her HOTTEST stuff on sale! So get on it!)

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