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We Got The Beat: Lilofee



Lilofee is an electro rock band that formed in 2007 when Kimi Recor met Rob Easson through a mutual friend in the Bay Area. As Kimi says, “the first time we played music together, we didn’t leave the studio for 15 hours.” Soon after the fateful introduction drummer, Dan Aqunio (aka dmap! of SF rockers Every Move a Picture) and bassist, Cyrus Etema (co-producer of SF club institution “Loaded”) joined the mix. Their sound has come together to fuse 60’s girl bands, with 80’s dark pop, and 90’s industrial. They have a penchant for creating stick-in-your-head hooks and beats that make you wanna dance.



The result is a seductive blend of chemistry that explodes on stage through, Kimi, whose style is influenced by “the heavy decadence of the 1920’s, the idea of dark, smoky speakeasy’s filled with  delicious dandies and flat-chested flappers.”  She dazzles audiences with her energetic performances and elaborate stage ensembles.

This past year Lilofee has played with upcoming acts like Deerhunter, French sensation Sebastien Tellier, and dance act Hercules and Love Affair. The band plans on releasing their full length album, The Only Years, sometime this summer, with digital releases of singles beforehand. Lilofee is currently reworking their live act to take on a tour with dates on the east coast, the UK, and in Europe. Enjoy the live sound? The band is also recording a live version of the album. In the name of love and music, and you can download some tracks right here including Destroy Me, We Belong Apart, and Runaway.  And, if Kimi looks familiar to you, it’s because she was the model in the M.I.S.S. x Insa Heels editorial.

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  1. Anita says:


    I love them! I had “Lock and Key” and “Runaway” – one of my faves, but didn’t have those others. I still haven’t found their album available to buy. I think it was once, but don’t see it anymore. They should get signed. Thanks for the tunes!


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