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Timo. [ax wound noir] Fall ’09 Debut and Lookbook

Fall ‘09 Debut and Lookbook”]Timo. [ax wound noir] Fall ‘09 Debut and Lookbook
We were totally in love with Timo.’s unique form of luxury embodied by his collection of neckwear when we met him during the NY tradeshows. Creators Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein started creating the neckwear in 2008, but just released their Fall 2009 Look Book with their line entitled [ax wound noir]. Upon first look, the name triggers imagery of the old Halloween tale of the “girl with the satin bow” around her neck – the tale which ends with the beautiful girl’s head falling off when she removes her satin bow. Timo.’s mission statement echoes this playful/frightening tale, noting the line is “fanciful, highly architectural neckwear with luxury in the forefront of design for those with a penchant for nostalgic, sartorial tradition.”

The 2009 Fall Look Book is split into “chapters,” with 7 different types of neck adornments which are all unisex styles. These seven looks inlclude: A floppy bowtie bib, a western tie (almost like a cloth bolo tie), a sixties tie, an Elizabethan-style draped collar, an ascot scarf, a classic “Pulp Fiction” necktie, and a classic bowtie which is similar to the bowties of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” era.
Fall ‘09 Debut and Lookbook”]Timo. [ax wound noir] Fall ‘09 Debut and Lookbook

All of the looks, although indeed fanciful, translate well into the fashions popular right now. Expect to see the classic bowtie on Kanye West soon (or on Amber Rose?), and the skinny necktie on Justin Timberlake. The flouncy draped collar could be an easy fit for Aggy Dean, while the while leather drape collar could definitely work well with RiRi’s wardrobe. The prime paradox these luxury items create when paired with something as simple as a Hanes t-shirt is just what the doctor ordered.

Read the full story to see the rest of the chapters.

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